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Offshore One-Design Lives! - 1st Soverel 33 Nationals by Story by John Glynn, photos by Rodney Boyce, ©1985 in Yacht Racing & Cruising

Hot Hotrod - 1988 boat review by Sven Donaldson as published in Pacific Yachting 3/88

Plastic Classics - 1999 boat review by Peter J. d'Anjou written for Sailing World 9/99

Soverel 33 - 2002 boat review by Ed Lawrence as published in Practical Sailor 9/02

Winners' Circle - IRC acticle by Michael Lovett highlighting RUM and Nick Ward interview in 2011 US-IRC Handbook 3/11


Construction History of the Soverel 33 - By Peter J. d'Anjou, x-Gryphon hull #31, with updates 04/2003

Heavy Air Tourniquet - Common opinion is the "Soverel 33 is a great light air boat, but can't save its rating upwind in the breeze." Let's put this rumor to rest! Article by Mark Soverel, Soverel Advanced Designs, Inc.


Soverel 33 Keel Sump Repair - excerpt of several mail conversations between Ted Wise, Mark Soverelís design assistant from 1975 to 1986 and Peter J. d'Anjou, x-Gryphon hull #31. The Sump diagram and additional explanation come from Dick McGilvery who repairs race boats from US Marine Services company in Charleston SC.

Stiffening the Hull - By Al Holt, x-Stalker hull #9, April 1999

Tartan Shroud Base Repair - By Robert "Sam" Sansone, Assassin hull #90, August 2002

Rudder Removal - from Soverel 33 Dealers Manual, with suggestions from Richard Jones, Outrageous, Paul Lockwood, EZ, Trevor Baroni, Picanti, Dean Briggs, Stop Making Sense, Paul Jeka, Santana, and Bill Heintz, Deviation

Boat Speed:

Target Boat Speed - targets from Whacko, Cyote, and Deviation.

What are "Targets" - By Bill Heintz, Deviation hull #89, September 2002 - brief explanation of how to use Target Boat Speed.

Rig Tuning:

From The Drawingboard - by Mark Soverel - The following drawings are from Soverel Performance Yachts, S-33 Mark Soverel Yacht Design: Cabintop Layout, Centerline Backstay Adjuster, Backstay and Runner Arrangement, Running Backstay System, Mainsheet System, Genoa Car Control System, Vang System, Adjustable Genoa System, Double Ended Adjustable Genoa Lead System, and the Electrical Diagram.

Cheap Sunglasses Tuning Notes - by John Eldredge, Cheap Sunglasses, hull # PCX 111

North Tuning Notes - by Steve Benjamin, North Speed Day, 2004

The Soverel 33 Rig - by Peter J. d’Anjou, x-Gryphon, hull #31

Rigging the Soverel for Around the Bouys: a Basic Line Guide - by Bill Heintz, Deviation, hull # TAR 089

Rig Tuning Notes - by Bill Heintz, Deviation, hull # TAR 089

Using the Loos Rod Rigging Tension Gauge - Loos & Co. Inc. - usefull information about tuning your rig and the hazards of too loose a rig.


Soverel 33 for Dummies - ISBN 3300, April 2005

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