PHRF Ratings for the Soverel 33

There is probably no more controversial issue than Performance Handicap Ratings as designated by local PHRF committees. Soverel 33's  have a racing rating from 81 seconds per mile to 102 seconds per mile.   There are wide variations in setups on individual boats that account for the disparity.  Some carry shorter poles than the class standard 14' to gain 3 seconds,   Some use smaller 143% headsails (+3 sec),  some have outboards (-3 sec).  In general you will find that 87 is a pretty standard rating with adjustments from there. 

It certainly does not help the club racer that the majority of these boats have always been owned and raced by very good sailors that keep the winning tradition but also the high ratings.   We are looking at the range of ratings around the country and looking to get a more even base rating.  We would like to see a more uniform rating that other boats like the J-35 seem to have.  See Mark Soverel's article on how to save your rating in heavy air.

We suggest that everyone keep a log of races with corrected finishes listed by boat type along with the wind conditions.  We have included two links to interesting information of PHRF ratings.

PHRF: Lost in the Gray Zone?

PHRF Regions

CBYRA: Chesapeake Bay Yacht Racing Association Base 90
CLRA: Clear Lake Racing Association
ECSA: Eastern Connecticut Sailing Association Base 93-96 (102 for Tartan)
ELISA: Eastern Long Island Sailing Association Base 90
GYA: Gulf Yacht Association Base 102
LLYRA: Lake Lanier Yacht Racing Association Base 90
LMPHRF: Lake Michigan PHRF Base 87-93
LNKC: Lake Norman Keelboat Council Base 87
NoCal: Northern California Base 93-99
PHRF-LE: PHRF Lake Erie Base 84-87
PHRF LO: PHRF Lake Ontario Base 81
PHRF NB - Performance Handicap Rating Fleet of Narragansett Bay Base 93
PHRF NE: PHRF New England Base 87
PHRF NW - PHRF North West Base 93
PHRF SD: PHRF San Diego Base 93
SoCal: Southern California Base 84-93
WF PHRF: West Florida PHRF Base 84
YRALIS: Yacht Racing Association - Long Island Sound Base 90

[Last updated 4/4/02]