Repair articles written about Soverel 33's.

Stiffening the Hull - By Al Holt, x-Stalker hull # SVM 9, April 1999

Soverel 33 Keel Sump Repair - excerpt of several mail conversations between Ted Wise, Mark Soverelís design assistant from 1975 to 1986 and Peter J. d'Anjou, x-Gryphon hull #31. The Sump diagram and additional explanation come from Dick McGilvery who repairs race boats from US Marine Services company in Charleston SC.

Rigging the Soverel for Around the Bouys: a Basic Line Guide - by Bill Heintz, Deviation, hull # TAR 089

Tartan Shroud Base Repair - By Robert "Sam" Sansone, Assassin hull # TAR 90, August 2002

1GM Service Manual
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