The Soverel 33 Rig
Peter J. d’Anjou
x-Gryphon, hull #31

Soverel 33 Rig

The Soverel 33 has a Kenyon 4060 MORC Section aluminum spar.  One of the keys to upwind performance is proper rig rake and headstay tension.  First of all, slide the mast butt all the way forward on the adjustable foot.  I actually made a new plate with longer slots for my boat.  From the tip of the bow where the hull meets the deck, diagonally to the butt of the mast ought to be 13'1".  The headstay length should be 44'.  You may want to experiment on your boat but this is a good starting point.

To get proper headstay tension, tighten the checkstays and backstay simultaneously.   I have found that a popular enhancement is to put true running backs at the level of the forestay and run them into a common block with the checkstays.  Put a piece of tape on your runners and mark the deck to make sure you know just how much adjustment you have. 

Dave Powlison Frankly Scarlet;  wrote an interesting article on weight aloft in the 1996 July issue of Sailing World.  You might also want to check out the 1998 November issue of Sailing World for an interesting article on lateral mast setup in different wind conditions.  

The diagram below is courtesy of Dave Powlison and depicts 96-1 mechanical advantage changes to the backstay, which Dave leads in through the stern and up into the cockpit and to the Main Sheet where he has added a fine tune.

Dave Powlison's 96:1 mechanical advantage.

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