Soverel 33 Class Membership / Dues

At the 2002 Annual General Meeting it was voted to hold the dues at $100 for this season ($25 for associate non-owner, nonvoting members). We’re hopeful that more owners will participate to the point that we can reduce the dues for all concerned. <See Class Rules - Membership for definition on membership privileges. >

Please make your check payable to:

Soverel 33 Class Association
100 Harbor Lane, New Rochelle NY 10805 USA

(914)474-8403, (845)473-1035

Please put your boat’s name in the memo field of the check.

The dues pays for:

Ideally we would be able to reduce the dues, to simply cover expenses.Technically, all the boats that participate in the One-Design regattas should be members of the class. This is something that in the few years has been not been strictly enforced.In 2002 we only had twelve (12) paid members, which just about covers the Costs, which is fortunate.

Unfortunately it placed a heavier burden on the dues paying members.

We realize that for the boats that are not in locations where there are One-Design events, they are not able to take advantage of many of the class services. Please feel free to bring to our attention any other services, information, or material we can provide.

Note: Because of the cost and filing requirements and the extra administration involved, the class has NOT been set up as a tax deductible organization.