Soverel 33 Drawing
    Soverel 33 Trivia

Most of the answers can be found on the Soverel 33 Web Site.

1. How many Soverel 33's have been Destroyed or Lost?
2. How who owns the oldest Soverel 33?
3. How many Soverel 33's were built?
4. Which Soverel 33 has had the most names?
5. Which Soverel 33 has had the most owners?
6. Which has had the most names under the same owner?
7. How many people have owned more than one Soverel?
8. What is the largest number of crew that has raced on a Soverel 33?
9. In how many countries are the Soverel 33 sailed?
10. What does the DNZ in Composite DNZ stand for?
10a. What does
Kamulla mean?
11. In what harbor is a Soverel 33 used as a "live aboard?"
12. What are the current names of the following Soverel 33's:
    - Little Girl?
    - Ruby Too?
    - Dances With Wolves?
    - Totally Awesome?
    - Grand Jete?
    - Robin?
    - Richochet?
13. How many Soverel 33 have IMS Ratings?
14. Which Soverel lost their rudder over 1,000 miles offshore?
15. Who lost their mast racing to Cuba?
16. Which boat has replaced the most masts?
17. Of the four Soverel 33 builders, are any of them still in business?
18. What did Mark Soverel do after he retired from designing boats?
19. Was there a Soverel 33 before Blue Angel?
20. Which is the "Newest" Soverel 33?
21. If you don't square your Pole, how far off is it when you loose 1 inch (2.54cm) of projection?