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From: John Eldredge, Cheap Sunglasses Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002
Subject: Bow Pulpit

Cheap Sunglasses' sails with the class (oversize) pole SP = 14'. I removed the original bow pulpit and replaced it with a pulpit from a Mumm 30. It has an open horseshoe at the front end; the bottom crossbar is about 1/2" above the level of the tack fittings and wrapped with bicycle tape. Pole sits on the "soft" crossbar at about deck level and pokes out about a foot beyond the bow. Pole hoists are very fast and you have no worries about the pole tip being trapped inside the pulpit.

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Profile Taped w/ Bicycle Tape Overall View Profile Closeup Stem Closeup

[Cheap Sunglasses made the change to the Mumm bow pulpit because the boat was 6 inches too long for a "standard" 30 - 33 foot slip in our marina. The Mumm pulpit does not overhang the bow, so the boat now measures 32 feet 11 inches overall and fits into the "standard" slip, for a savings of over $1,200 annually. The pulpit costs $350; less than the price of a high tech genoa halyard and a high tech spin halyard. Its utility for the oversize class pole was serendipity. ]

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