Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

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Summary - 14' x 3 "OD spinnaker pole

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ACC Marine
Composite Solutions
$675 [B-2002]
GMT Composites, Inc.
$1460 [F-2002]
Hall Spars and Rigging

High tech composites

$950 [B-2002]
$1200 [F-2002]
Offshore Spars
Southern Spars

*Prices are FOB point of manufacture, shipping a 14' pole is usually $100-150. B = Bare Tube, purchase or use your existing ends, F = Finished Tube, has ends and all rigging.

From: Robert Sansome, Assassin Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002
Subject: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

Wondering if anyone can tell me whether a Carbon Spin Pole is within the class regulations and whether PHRF would penalize me for using one? - I currently have a regular length aluminum pole which we Dip-Pole Jibe, but I have the opportunity of getting a very cheap secondhand carbon pole so would like to confirm if this is going to cause me any grief from the class association or PHRF before I go ahead with the purchase.

From: Paul Jeka, Santana Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

Carbon Pole Yes...End for end of course ......Extended pole to class rule limits yes.....Go For it !

From: Jerry Kedziora, x-Zot Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

Does anyone know who has good deals on Carbon fiber poles?

From: Peter d'Anjou, x-Gryphon Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

There's a good article in the June 01 issue of SW on carbon poles. It lists all the pole manufacturers and gee guess what, the pricing quotes where based roughly on the class standard 14-foot pole (the author Dave Powlison used to own a Soverel).

To make it easier:

Composite Solutions
GMT Composites,
Hall Spars and Rigging
High tech composites
Offshore Spars
Southern Spars

The article also states that "none of the PHRF regions we checked with would change your rating." I'm hoping to get a new carbon pole this year with a 2.5 inch diameter. And Forespar just announced lightweight composite ends for boats above 30 feet.

From: Bill Heintz, Deviation Date: Wed, 13 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

The 14' carbon fiber pole is class legal, see

You should notify you PHRF committee if you change, but generally it should not effect your rating if you do not change the overall length. Usually the oversized "class pole" is a -3 sec. penalty.

I assembled a c.f. pole with the Forespar plastic ends with parts mail-ordered from Layline. It's about half the weight and thus much easier to handle.

From: Trevor Baroni, Picante Date: Wed, 14 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

The company I work for, Russell Plastics Tech. design's and manufactures, composite aerospace parts. How many people would be interested in purchasing carbon poles? I'll see how many interests I get, and I could possibly beat most pricing. Also would allow for any custom operations to be had. This would also apply to composite Boom's, Rudders, Spreaders, Tillers, Stantions, etc.... Gives the class another option

Trevor Baroni, Design Engineer

From: Will Rogers, GMT Composites Sales Manager Date: Wed, 19 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

GMT Composites Spinnaker Pole Quote for the Soverel 33 class.

The pole will be made from unidirectional preimpregnated carbon fiber.
Length 14', 3" diameter. End fittings are Forespar UXP composite ends.
Finish is clear coat awlgrip paint of your choice.

Price per pole is $1460

When out comparing poles and prices you should ask how they are made. Filament wound with a wet lay-up or unidirectional pre preg. The difference will be in the strength of the pole and its weight. The pre preg. pole will be significantly stronger then the wound pole. The pre preg. will take more punishment i.e. crew stamping on the pole and slamming it onto the head stay. The weight difference is most likely not an issue on this size pole but in larger sections the pre preg. will be lighter as the amount of resin is set in the fabric. The filament wound poles use a wet lay-up system which inherently is less controllable as far how much or how little resin used. So the bottom line is that this pole will last much longer and most likely be lighter then a cheaper one.

GMT carbon fiber spin poles are made from standard modulus unidirectional carbon fiber pre-impregnated with toughen expoxy. The laminate is designed so that the off axis fibers provide shock resistance and add stability to the longitudinal, compression carrying piles. Who cares right? You will find that our poles are going to more expensive then some of the others out there. It is usually because of the way it is made and the material used. The inexpensive poles are made using a winding machine or filament wound with a wet layup. This process produces a pole that is not as strong , likely to have voids and if it was a larger section would be significantly heavier. Our poles are made using sheets of carbon fiber laid down in a controlled amount of expoxy. This allows us to control the fiber layout for ultimate strength and eliminate voids which is the bane of the wet lay up poles. Our poles will stand up to more punishment ( crew walking or falling on the pole, pole banging against the forestay etc.) then the cheaper poles.

From: Johnny Smith, x-Wild Thang Date: Sun, 3 Mar 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

The price are FOB Charlotte, NC and are the same for 12' or 14' X 3 "OD spinnaker pole including Wax finish, unidirectional prepreg carbon with F304052 ends:
1ea - $1285.00
5ea - $1200.00
1 or 5 bare tube $950.00

High Tech Composite Sparcraft Carbon Div.
3101-C Asbury Ave, Charlotte, NC 28206
Ph: 704-377-5449, Fax: 704-377-5416,

Johnny Smith, SMA, Of: 704-412-4829, Fx: 704-412-233, H: 704-489-0596

From: Trevor Baroni, Picante Date: Thus, 4 April 2002
Subject: RE: Carbon Fiber Spinnaker Pole

I am still working on it... As far as the design, and machinery goes.. we could get one out in a week the two a week there after. But here is the catch Russell plastics does mostly military work, work to someone else's design, or our design approved by another company. Not that we don't have the capability, but we don't carry Commercial liability insurance. The company is looking at it as a potential liability if one of these spin poles explodes and kills someone. (Go figure an aircraft crashes, were in the clear, you break a pole, we could be screwed) They want to do it, But I would have to justify the cost for the liability insurance, with a good market. I know its B.S. but.... I guess you never know...I want to see this happen, I think with the technology we've incurred through the Aerospace business, It would be a huge gain if opened to the marine market. Particularly for such a developed, and unique class as the Soverels.

Now this doesn't rule out other things Rudders, tillers, bulkheads, smaller items etc. Just let me Know

I am staying on top of it, If anyone has any suggestions I am open to them.

Trevor Baroni, Design Engineer
Russell Plastics Tech.

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