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From: Erik Will, BushWacker Date: Thu., 25 April 2002
Subject: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

Does any one have a Soverel 33 with a keel bolt lifting ring? I'm thinking of adding one to my boat. If anyone has done this or has any info I would love to hear about it.

From: Al Johnson, Pegasus Date: Fri. 26 April 2002
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

I haven't seen one done on a Soverel, but have seen a number of them on Olson 30s, Hobbie 33s, Santa Cruz 27s, etc. that are dry-sailed in Seattle. Those boats are outboard powered, and when they are launched on the hoist, they typically have the outboard, all the sails, and sometimes some 5-gallon buckets of water on the bow. I don't know where the fore / aft balance point is on the Soverel versus these boats, but the non-movable weight of the inboard engine well aft of the keel may make the Soverel too tail-heavy to use a lifting ring on. You'd also have to look at where you'd need to put a hole in the cabin top to accommodate the giant eyebolt that you would attach to the keel, and whether that hole would fall at a seriously inconvenient place.

From: Mark Yancey, Manhattan Magic Date: Fri. 26 April 2002
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

I have a friend who had a Soverel 27 that was dry sailed with a lifting eye, it was way stern heavy!

He had every thing, including himself (270 lbs.) on the bow to make it lift even. I seem to remember breaking the club hoist once or twice before we
moved it to the boat yard with a travel lift! I did pick my Soverel (SVM 24) up at Southern Yacht Club in New Orleans w/ their club hoist w/ slings and a
spreader bar one time and it was some thing I don't want to do again! I've had enough fun w/ J/24's that didn't balance right.
Good Luck!! Mark, Manhattan Magic SVM # 4

From: Ian Duff , Invisible Cities Date: Fri. 26 April 2002
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

My Tartan-built Soverel33 has a very small Lewmar hatch right over the keel, evidently for letting a hook down to the not installed lifting ring. It is
in a fairly convenient place, about midway between the front of the companionway hatch and the mast partners. Removal of the boom (or swinging
it way out to one side), and release of the backstay, would make crane access a breeze.

I have had miserable experience with J24s, lifting then out by the lift ring, and having them way out of balance. It's usually possible to get them to
balance by moving gear and adding bodies, but never trivial. HTH.

From: John Eldredge, Cheap Sunglasses Date: Wed. 29 October 2003
Subject: Re: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

Help, oh help. My yacht club just installed a 4 ton hoist and I bought a trailer for my Soverel 33. I know that Dennis Conner used a hoist when he had Menace XX? at San Diego Yacht Club. Question is .. who has Menace now, and how can I contact them to find out how Dennis handled the lifting bridle. I guess the question is a general one, so if anyone else uses a hoist, I would appreciate any input the group might have. 

To avoid any confusion, the club yard abuts a 9 foot concrete seawall, and there are NO launching ramps available so I cannot use the Lake Norman “long pole” approach. I gotta use a hoist. Please feel free to have any respondents contact me directly. Thanks.

From: Ian Duff , Invisible Cities Date: Thu. 30 October 2003
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

I have Brownell haul me on one of their hydraulic trailers, so no firsthand experience. However, my boat, a Tartan-built one, could very easily be equipped for lifting out.

The keel bolts are obviously accessible by removing the floorboard, and directly above them in the deck is a small Lewmar hatch, just forward of the companionway hatch cover. I'm guessing that it's pretty close to the center of gravity. Were I to install a lifting ring on the top of the keel bolts, and fashion a wire/rope/webbing lifting strap, I could lead the strap down thru the small Lewmar hatch to the lifting ring, and Presto! Out she comes!

If I were to do this, I would severely overbuild the lifting ring, have the welds x-rayed, and the keel bolts dye penetrant tested all to ensure none of the gear would even think about failing. Then I'd be Real Sure to tighten the living crap out of (since I'm pretty sure I couldn't come close to over tightening) the nuts holding the keel bolts/lifting ring.

Having done the lift out bit with J-24s over the years, I would rig dock lines from the lifting hook to the bow cleat and to both stern cleats, in an effort to keep the boat in line with the lifting strap.

Hope this might help, YMMV.

From: Mark Yancey, Manhattan Magic Date: Thu. 30 October 2003
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

When we trailered Masquerade (SVM 24) to New Orleans, we used a set of spreader bars and a sling, similar to the ones used at a boatyard with a travel lift, Having had a J-24, and been involved with a Soverel 27 with lifting eyes, I would shy away from that method of lifting a boat as large as a "33". If you are friendly with a welder and your 33 lives at the club with the hoist, I would consider the spreader bar method over the lifting eye. Also I think Denis kept his boat at a yard and used a travel, it's the only way to go! I was lucky enough to be able to store my 33 at a yard and dry sail that way for a year.

Good luck

From: Joe Bonness, Maria Date: 18 November 2003
Subject: RE: Center Pick / Lifting Bridle

Lifting eyes: I've had experience with boats over 20,000lb lifted with internal cables, the largest one attached to two eyes for and aft to a common lift ring below the skylight it worked well for annual haul outs for 25 years. When the forward hook failed the aft cable sliced the cabin thru to the main hatch and the bow smacked the ground hard enough to crack the stem.

We had a galvanized rod that we dropped thru a access whole in a Santa Cruz 27s cabin it threaded to a main keel bolt, it was a real steady pick and worked well. I would be worried about the long term and bending of the bolt if it was used regularly. Can you even inspect the bolt for problems under the sole where stainless bolts often fail. Go with nylon slings and a spreader bar. We store Maria year round on 12" Nylon slings total overkill as far as capacity but it spreads the load over more area preventing dimples.

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