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From: Braden Woods, Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Subject: Hybrids

Are No Red Ribbons and her sister ship Picante allowed to race in Soverel 33 OD events?

Has this center engine prototype model been noted to be faster or slower by PHRF?

Any opinions on this configuration? From looking at the pictures of "No Red Ribbons", I can not see any hull abnormality, can some one explain this to me.

There were only a few "hybrids" namely a center engine prototype No Red Ribbons and her sister ship Picante made for IOR rules. These boats also had bulbous appendages at the waterline on both sides to help with excessive heel. - Construction History of the Soverel 33 by Peter J. d’Anjou x-Gryphon, hull #31

From: Bill Heintz, Deviation Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Subject: RE: Hybrids

I think Picante and No Red Ribbons were modified to take advantage of the idiosyncrasies of the IOR rule.

I am not sure how PHRF has handled these boats. Last year was the first year in some time that Picante sailed in our area and they competed as one design. (However I sounds like Trevor has made a few modifications to Picante since the IOR days: keel, rudder, "speed bumps.") I'm not sure how the "bulbous appendages" would to help with excessive heel, usually they added drag, and disrupted the water flow.

I personally feel that No Red Ribbons and Picante can be competitive in their present form, and they are both welcome to compete in the Soverel 33 one-design events.

From: Stan Cunningham, No Red Ribbons Date: Thu, 11 Apr 2002
Subject: RE: Hybrids

I removed the hull appendages to race PHRF. They seemed to slow the boat upwind and I didn't like the waterline looks.

From: Paul Lockwood, EZ Date: Thu, 11 April 2002
Subject: RE: Hybrids

Picante and my boat EZ hull 34, raced IOR in the 1986 SORC. The hull bumps were mods to increase the water line beam used in IOR as a basis for fore and aft girth measurements. The distance between these girths was the sailing length of the boat i.e. IOR rating. Picante rated 28 feet, EZ a std S33, rated 32 feet. This was a time on distance difference of about 30 seconds per mile. Now you know why the IOR is gone.

From: Trevor Baroni, Picante Date: Fri, 12 April 2002
Subject: RE: Hybrids

I would say Picante has the fastest speed in light air . . . but the Year Banks sails was on the boat, I think she kicked a little ass . . . (were talking back in Newsday's Stars & Strips Regatta ... 1990ish)  What I don't understand was the sail loft returned the rig and let it completely loose . . . Very loose, haven't been able to achieve the same  speed since then . . . I know that is contradicts what most of the boats are set up now.    ( After the NOODS last year, [2001] I think Picante needs a few sparing partners to come up to speed. and certainly better crew work.)  I believe in light to medium air she is a fast boat.  That was proven against Absolute Chaos a few times.   (but again, against another Soverel who has been out of the loop for a while).

As far as her "Hips" go . . .  They do cause a major Flat spot on the bottom of the boat . . .  Looks like a typical IOR boat.  They probably do slow the boat down a bit, but I don't think enough that would make her noncompetitive.  I am starting to have suspicions though, that Picante may have a completely different waterline . . .  Not to mention the fact of, float her side by side with any other Soverel, and the Waterline looks the same...with Her engine up in the bow, and a 12 ft shaft.    

Although, the drag of the 18" Maxi Prop, with the 11" deep strut, might have something to do with speed.  But as typical IOR . . . that was counteracted by sticking this assembly right in the turbulence of the keel.

If I understand it correctly Picante was the previous owner's 2nd toy and was built for one purpose.  To cheat IOR . . .    the engine, hips, small headsails, super stubby spin pole, chicken chutes,  and small mains . . .  And God only knows what the grinding pedestal was doing in the cockpit . . .

From: Bill Adikes, x-Saucy Girl Date: Fri, 12 April 2002
Subject: RE: Hybrids

Trevor's father raced Picante against us with a factory team from Ullman Sails a few times. At no time did it appear that Picante had a speed advantage over the more standard boats. In fact, it appeared as if the Picante configuration might be a little bit slower.

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