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From: Jack Caldwell, Coyote Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2002
Subject: Masts

Where can I buy a Soverel 33 mast? and do you have an idea as to the cost?

From: Bill Heintz, Deviation Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Masts

Rig-Rite (Kenyon), Ballenger, & Hall are the three most common mast manufacturers for replacement Soverel 33 Masts.

See for web addresses or Spar Links

A base number is around $5,800 but you can expect to pay on the order of $10,000 after taxes, shipping, and rigging fees.

Ballenger will make one as a single extrusion (e.g. no spice at the deck) and can also anodize the entire length instead of paint.

The Rig-Rite is the same as the original Kenyon mast with little innovation.

The Hall mast is the most pricey of the three.

From: Paul Jeka, Santana Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Masts

If we are unfortunate enough to loose our rigs...does the class have a spare available for temporary emergency use, this should be a goal?

And would you consider the use of carbon fiber as a suitable replacement ?

From: Bill Heintz, Deviation Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Masts

Iris Vogel, Deviation, has a spare (Kenyon), spliced mast that is available for emergency use (or for sale.)

It is suitable for racing: we used it 1/2 season with good results (until the replacement mast was purchased.)


The Soverel 33 would make a good candidate for a Carbon Fiber Mast, presently the class rules prohibit any other material other than Aluminum. See Class Rules - Spars & Rigging

From: Trevor Baroni, Picante Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Masts

PICANTE is looking to get a new mast this year...... so that will be an available spare!

From: Peter d'Anjou, x-Gryphon Date: Tue, 12 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Masts

I replaced my rig last year with an extrusion from Rig-Rite in Wickford, RI. 401 739-1140. They bought out Kenyon inventory and I know they still have another tube or two.

It cost less than $3k for the tube and I paid a rigger to strip all the stuff off my old rig that could be reused and set up the new mast. I did NOT replace the rod rigging.

Rig Right had to have new spreader tips cast because my old rig had welded on spreader attachments that that the spreaders bolted onto and the tips were welded onto the spreaders too. We used spreader bars instead, on the new rig. The new tube also didn't have the sheaves at the hounds like the old tube but used the spectacle attachment to fairlead the halyards to the sheaves above.

The whole exercise cost around $6K, and more patience than I thought I had. I'm not recommending Rig-Rite because it took almost two months to finish the spreader tips and it was a daily battle to chase them but there are replacement sticks just waiting for a new home and the price if not the hassle is reasonable. Who knows, maybe you'll have a cleaner experience than I did. The cost included rewiring and replacing a few items but no delivery charge since they were right there in town. The old rig got shortened and is now a very handsome flagpole in my neighbors yard, spreaders, steaming light and all. I have the bottom 10 feet of the old tube if anyone needs a section for splicing a damaged rig.

I did look into carbon briefly and while I think this would be a major enhancement to the boat, the cost was triple the aluminum rig and not class legal. PHRF will also nail you for a carbon replacement.

From: Mark McCarthy, Slàinte Date: Tue, 1 July 2003
Subject: RE: Mast Replacement

AI also have a slightly used spar for sale. 1999 Rigrite Aluminum (no paint) spare, tube only, with sheaves, spreader brackets, Runer and check stay tangs, spinnaker pole track and lots more... Tube was professionally spliced at upper shrouds by MetalMast here in CT. Excellent spar for the non serious racer who needs a cheap fix. $500 + S/H

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