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Cost *
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Wood (mahogany and ash)

$71 [U-2002]
$86 [F-2002]

Wood (mahogany and ash)
$175 [F-2002]
Metal (aluminum)

Composite (carbon & Kevlar)


* U = unfinished, F = Finished


From: John Morris, Rambunctious Date: Tue., 14 May 2002
Subject: Tiller Replacement

Anyone know where I can buy a Tiller for a Tartan made Soverel 33 without having it custom made? I'd rather replace mine than spend time repairing/refinishing it.

From: , x-Warthog Date: Tue. 14 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

Ditto. I need a tiller for a Soverel built 33 (although I don't know if there's any difference between Soverel and Tartan in this regard).

From: Ian Duff , Invisible Cities Date: Tue., 14 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

I need one as well, for my Tartan-built S33. Mine was destroyed a couple of years ago, due to my own negligence, and I had a local builder run up a new one for me. Most unsatisfactory. I've been contemplating having a local welder with whom I've had great results do one up for me out of aluminum, and having it powder coated, but haven't gotten a round to it. Maybe this will provide the impetus I need to get going, to find out what the price and availability might be. Any interest in aluminum?

From: Kent Gardam, Foghorn Date: Tue., 14 May 2002
Subject: Re: Tiller Replacement

One of our local boats, Natural High, has a metal tiller. I believe that the owner Bill Phillips either made it himself or had it made. He might have also come up with a new version this year. If you want to try him for ideas, his email is I'll also ask him about it if I see him tomorrow at our Wednesday night series.

From: Peter d'Anjou, x-Gryphon Date: Tue., 14 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

There are two sources that I know of for Sov 33 Tillers.  Wooden ones could be had (at least last I checked a couple years back) from Joey Palmer's company [Whitewater Marine] in Grand View, Ohio 800 486-7245.

The other source is Al Holt, who owned Stalker.  Al had a beautiful custom aluminum job when I saw him at the Nationals at Buzzards Bay a few years back [1999] and has since gone into the fabrication business.  With so many people looking I'm sure he'd give you a quote.

[ We decided that we could not offer a tiller at a price that would be attractive, particularly when compared to available wooden tillers.  Please remove our name from the list of potential sources. Al Holt Sat, 26 Jul 2003 ]

From: Mark Yancy, Manhattan Magic Date: Tue., 14 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

I'm going to be making a new tiller for Manhattan Magic from carbon and Kevlar over a foam blank. I have made several from mahogany and ash laminated on a jig. I have ours at my house now to use as a form and am going to start soon on the carbon and Kevlar prototype. If anybody is interested we can talk. e-mail is

From: John Morris, Rambunctious Date: Wed., 15 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

I called them yesterday and they said Joey was no longer with them. However, they said they could make one for $175.00 but would have to have the specs to go by and it would take a month. Meanwhile, I think I'll fix mine, get the dimensions from it and have a new one made for a spare. Anyone interested in a laminated one let me know ( E-mail ) and maybe quantity will help the price. I'm out of town for a few days now for any replies.

From: Patrick Croke, Adrenaline Date: Wed., 15 May 2002
Subject: RE: Tiller Replacement

When we got our boat last July (Republic #5) we needed a new tiller and after some research, we ended up getting it from H&L Marine Woodworking in Rancho Dominguez, CA. They built a custom shape to match the original dimensions constructed of alternating laminates of mahogany and ash. The price at the time was $71 unfinished or $86 finished with 4 coats of varnish. It took about 5 weeks (finished) and was a beautiful job when we got it. Their tel # is 323-636-1718 and fax is 323-636-1720.

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