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From: John Heiler, Jezebel Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002
Subject: Buying a Trailer

I am currently in the market for a Soverel 33 trailer. I have seen that Triad has a trailer package that runs about $5k. I've been considering a homebuilt trailer and was wondering if anyone had plans that they might be willing to sell. I would also be interested in used trailers for sale.

From: Dean Briggs, Stop Making Sense Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Buying a Trailer

My advice is to look used. There are periodic fire sales that occur. I would suggest one for a larger boat. I had mine on a suitable trailer and it was pretty shaky, put it on one made for a 40' heavy boat and it was solid. The larger trailer took up no more room than the other one.

A place was going out of business and they were letting them go very cheap (2k?).

From: Norm Dean, Whacko Date: Wed, 6 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Buying a Trailer

Triad is wonderful. It is your investment. Whacko made the decision that we wanted to travel and it was worth it for the best trailer made.

From: Sandy Sellers, Sled Hunter Date: Thurs, 21 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Buying a Trailer

I purchased a really nice trailer brand new from the Marine Cradle Shop in Markham Ont for the sum of $6,000.00 Canadian. At current exchange rates that is $3,704.00. USD. It is float on/off. Dual axle, hydraulic brakes. I brought Sled Hunter back from Florida with the trailer.

[Marine Cradle Shop, Markham, ON (905) 294-3507] biz

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