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Automated Highway Oversize/Overweight Permitting


Lockheed Martin Federal Systems, formerly of the Loral Corporation, in conjunction with the New York State Department of Transportation (NYSDOT), New York State Thruway Authority (NYSTA), COMDATA/Transceiver Transportation Services, ZERO-FAX Inc., Titan Homes Division, and Higgins Erectors and Haulers, Inc., has received a cost-share contract by the New York State Energy Research and Development Authority (NYSERDA) to develop and deploy an Automated Highway Oversized/Overweight Permitting System known as "AHOOPS".

Permit Agencies
Trip permits are available via the following services:

Xero-Fax, Inc., 282 Central Avenue, Albany, New York 12206
Telephone 800-937-6329 (800-XEROFAX) FAX 800-382-5060

Permicon Permits Services Inc. - 161 Pennsylvania Ave., Unit 5, Concord, ON L4K 1C3
Telephone: (905) 660-1092 Fax: (905) 660-4865

A-1 Over-the–Road Permits - (800) 577-3764
Advantage Financial Group, Inc - (800) 249-8830
Jameson Permit Service, Inc - (573) 636-6171 or (800) 877-6171
Permit, Inc - (800) 777-3545
Comdata - (800) 527-0665

From: , Let's Dance Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: Trailer Permits

When you tow you boat do you bother to get wide load permits?

From: , Manhattan Magic Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

When we left N.Y. we had that discussion, on the delivery home. We felt it would be easier to beg forgiveness than to ask permission. We made it!

There was a 10' max width toll booth on the Jersey Turn Pike. When we pulled up the cop that was there counted our axles and said "move along." We also trailered SVM #24 between Houston and the Miss. Gulf coast many times with no problems.

From: , Let's Dance Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

Thanks for the info. This may sound stupid but I'll ask any way; how do you get an 11' wide boat through a 10' opening?

From: , Whacko Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

So far, we have. However, several J29s (11'1") do not worry about it.

From: , Yankee Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

Moving a Soverel 33 form NY to NC I made sure I had all the permits needed Eric Will was stop on he way home this set him back over $1000 and a day of transporting. Pay your money or take your chances.

From: , Slàinte Date: Wed, 20 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

I understand there is a website where you can get these permits across multiple states, does anyone know of this? Or, where do you go for each state permit?

From: , Bushwacker Date: Thur, 21 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

Why get permits? Last March we hauled Bushwacker back from the mid-winters in NC to upstate NY. I had always gotten permits before but this time because of a nasty weather system I wasn't sure which route would be better so I choose not to get any. What could happen? Never got stopped before. We dodged the weather system nicely but got a $350 ticket in Harrisburg PA. Spent an unexpected night in a motel, missed a day of work, all for a 28 buck permit. The cops said they wouldn't necessarily be looking for us but if they did stop us again in PA and I still didn't have a permit they would probably go a little harder on us. For a minute we thought we might housepaint the name OUTRAGEOUS on the side and press on but that didn't sound to good even though we were only five hours from home ,so we waited about 20 hours at the hotel until we finally got our permit . We applied for the permit at 3 pm Monday and it was faxed to our hotel Tuesday at 11:30 am. I couldn't ! help but notice that the issue time printed on it was 4:25 pm Mon. Gotta love the department of motor vehicles. Any way I'm pretty sure I'll make the effort to get permits next time. You can call Zero-Fax in Albany NY. They can arrange for permits in any state. You open an account with a credit card and they will fax every thing to you as they receive it from each state.

From: , Deviation Date: Mon, 21 July 2003
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

1) Prior to getting a Trailer permit from Xero-Fax, we were required to get at DOT number from the U.S. Department of Transportation [USDOT], by filling out the Federal Motor Carrier [FMC] Motor Carrier Identification Report [Application for U.S. DOT Number] MCS-150 and the Safety Certification for Application [Safety Certification for Application for U.S. DOT Number] MCS-150A

This number can be acquired in about 20 min. over the internet, see

2) Start on getting your permit early - certain states are quicker in issuing permits than others.

3) Some State highways have minimal height restrictions - by stowing your mast below the bow pulpit, you can get it below 12' 10"

4) If you have EZ Pass, bring it or get it for the trip. For every toll you don't have to stop at reduces the chances of your permit being scrutinized.

From: , Sled Hunter Date: Tue, 22 February 2005
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

I brought Sledhunter from Florida to Thunder Bay, Ontario via Duluth Minneasota and I obtained permits.

A Soverel 33 on a trailer is very conspicuous.  You only have to look at a Soverel 33 on a trailer to know it is overwidth.  Any official just by looking at the vessel on the highway will be able to tell it is overwidth.  In many states the permits are only $10 and $15.  Kentucky and Tennesse are more but to be avoided if necessary because of the hills.  It is highly unlikely that a trip of any distance can be taken without been by some authority.  Further if you do not have permission to be on the highway what will the liability be in the event of an accident?

There are agencies that will provide the permits for you, eg. Permi-Con.  They charge a fee which in some cases is as much or more than the cost of the permit and you still have to do all the work.  Measure the overhang, total length of the load fill in the form etc. etc. all they do is fax in the form for you.  I obtained my own permits in many cases because it was easier, once I knew who to contact.  This may take some research and will require telephone time and a fax machine.

From: , Manhattan Magic Date: Tue, 22 February 2005
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

We just made the round trip from Biloxi Ms to St. Pete Fl and back, no permits and passed plenty of cops, not even a second look. A couple of years ago we brought the boat from NY, NY to Biloxi, again, no permits, no hassles from the officials.

In 92 thru late 93 we trailered my other Sov. numerous times from Houston Tx to the mid gulf coast, again no permits and no hassles.

I would assume when you cross the U.S. border (in any direction) you may want to be legal, but staying "state side", history tells me to skip the permits and plead ignorance.

From: , Whacko Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

The first time we traveled with Whacko (NY to Fla) we were stopped twice. NY was tough... after stopping us, they weighed, measured and basicly hassled us for five hours.

Also, The Delaware bridge will stop you.

From: , Pearl of Great Price Date: Wed, 23 Feb 2002
Subject: RE: Trailer Permits

When towing Pearl to nationals last summer in CT I crossed a bridge over the Hudson River at 7:30 AM.  There were signs that Wide Loads were prohibited 6:30AM to 8:30AM.  Not feeling like waiting, my accomplice and I took the last exit before the bridge, stopped and took all of the wide load signs and markers off, and continued on our way.  Being rush hour, the toll booth operator had a long time to long at us as we waited in line to pay the toll.  The toll booth operator looked at me sideways and asked me how wide the boat was.

I said “8 feet, 6 inches” with as straight a face as I can make.

She let me go with the $2 toll.

The kicker is that Richard Jones following in “The Box” had to pay $3.50 to cross the bridge.

We also had a VA state trooper stop behind us when we were changing one of our many tires on that trip.  A simple thumbs up and a wave and he was on his way.  He just wanted to see if we were OK. 

We had all the permits for the trip and never had to show them.  My research leads me to believe that you can get away with it just about anywhere south of Maryland except for Key West.  For Pennsylvania and further north I would buy them again, though.

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