Two Piece Hull

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From: Mark Yancey, Manhattan Magic, Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002
Subject: Two Piece Hull

Our hull has a small crack on the bow, starting under the stem fitting and going right down the middle about 12-14 inches. These hulls seem to be a 2 piece arrangement then bonded together. I have ground down the area around the crack and discovered the seam. I had this same problem with Masquerade when I had her. Is this only an SVM problem or with all the builders. Anybody else having a similar problem?

From: Bill Adikes, x-Saucy Girl Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002
Subject: RE: Two Piece Hull

Saucy Girl has the same bow crack, but it has not really been a problem - no water got in, and there is no sign of relative movement between the halves.

So far I have not seen fit to fix it - I always seem to have something more important to fix. What are you going to do with it?

[in the winter of 2002-2003 this crack was repaired by the new owner of Phoenix]

From: Ian Duff, Invisible Cities Date: Sun, 31 Mar 2002
Subject: RE: Two Piece Hull

I would guess that the hull shape requires a two piece mold, to allow the hull to release from the mold. It's a common practice in a sandwich hull to laminate the outer skin and core with the molds separated, clean the joint flange, mate the halves, and laminate the inner skin in one piece, with extra laminations on the joint. This yields effectively a one piece hull, with some cosmetic filling necessary, while allowing a hull that otherwise wouldn't release, to be cleanly and easily molded.

If you're having a problem at the joint, my condolences, but I wouldn't worry much about it from a structural standpoint. You might consider getting a yacht surveyor to have a look, and put a moisture meter on the area around the crack. If the problem is in the least structural, water will be getting in, which would be picked up by a moisture meter.

From: Mark Yancey, Manhattan Magic Date: Mon, 1 April 2002
Subject: RE: Two Piece Hull

On Masquerade ( SVM # 24) the crack grew while I had the boat, but when I sold her the crack really took off, it ended up down under the knuckle of the bow, with a good sized gap at the top.  The owner convinced his Ins. Co. that he had hit a "submerged object", I didn't get to see the repairs he made.  I am going to grind down the affected area and laminate a piece of Kevlar over the crack about six inches back down the sides and refair, so it should be plenty strong ( don't try to cross us on port tack unless you're sure you can make it).  

We are in the process of prepping for paint and I didn't want to just paint over it.

Thanks for the input.

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