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From: Robert LaMantea, x-Composite DNZ, Date: Thu, 13 July 2000
Subject: Yanmar Oil Injector

I need to replace my Yanmar 1GM10 injector nozzle assembly, I have the Factory repair manual but it is not clear enough. I was wondering if someone may have done this before and can clear up a point for me.

The manual states that the Injector Nozzle assembly should not be installed in 1 pc. but the nozzle nut should be loosened first, then bolted on to keep things in alignment. I may be confusing replacing parts of the injector with R&R the complete unit.

I can trial and error but I am trying to do this right. Any input on Yanmar or related engines that might shed some light?

From: Bill Heinz, Deviation, Date: Wed, 1 October 2003
Subject: RE: Yanmar Injector

Basically there are three major outer Sections of the Injector, for simplicity I'll call them the Top (Nozzle spring nut), Middle (Nozzle holder body) and Bottom (Nozzle nut). If you disassemble everything then it makes sense. First install the replacement Nozzle Body into the Bottom then tighten it to the Middle. After they have been tightened, install the Inter Spindle, Spring Seat, Spring, and the Adjustment Shims. Finally put the copper Packing on and tighten up the Top.

See Yanmar Service Manual - Fuel Injector.

This summer we found that the Fuel Feed Pump was not working - not allowing us to either bleed the engine or bring the engine above 30k rpm. We replaced this pump and noted the engine knocking. We then replaced the Injector Nozzle Valve and Body (comes as a matched pair) and now the engine will go as high as 3400 rpm without black smoke (translating to about 6 kts.) The engine will now actually go 3800+ rpm but it is only rated at 3600 rpm so we stopped there.

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