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From: John Heiler, Jezebel, Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Subject: Yanmar Oil Filter

Is there an automotive oil filter that will fit these engines, or is this a special "marine" part that needs to be ordered?

From: Randy Richter, Pressure Drop Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Subject: RE: Yanmar Oil Filter

There is a Fram filter that is available through West Marine.

From: John Morris, Rambunctious Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Subject: RE: Yanmar Oil Filter

NAPA #1064, NAPA #1334 and Deutsch #D362 oil filters will work on the Yanmar 1GM engine. Look for a NAPA local store or an automotive store that handles Deutsch filters.

From: Ian Duff, Invisible Cities Date: Thu, 24 Oct 2002
Subject: RE: Yanmar Oil Filter

The spares site listed below has Yanmar filters for $7.60 each. They have a link indicating they sell them cheaper by the dozen.

I just get Yanmar filters (and all the other Yanmar spares) from Niemiec Marine www.niemiecmarine.com, my nearby Yanmar dealer. They're not very expensive. I can't remember what I paid there, but it's a similar price, they're convenient, and it supports a local business.

I carry a little spares toolbox with two of each consumable part, like impeller and gasket, fuel filter, zinc and both gaskets, Racor filter, alternator belt, and the oil filter, plus tools to remove and install each part, plus two or three quarts of oil. Minor investment for the consumable parts (like under $100 total), and it has saved my bacon a couple of times (impeller and alternator belt).

The "air filter" is in reality just a perforated sheetmetal cone, covered with some sort of foam element, and does not require replacing anywhere nearly as frequently as the other stuff listed. I put a new one in when I bought my boat five years ago, and every year when I check it, feel that it's still fine (looks brand new, in fact), so I don't consider it consumable.

For more info, check out:

General 1GM10 info:



This listing is missing the gasket for the zinc. The zinc uses a flat rubber washer, which is listed, where it screws into its mounting plate. The mounting plate attaches to a hole in the block with two machine screws, and uses a paper-like gasket, which is the one missing from this listing. Adding up two of everything on my list comes to $85.74 on this site, to which you'd need to add two zinc gaskets and tax, shipping, etc. Cheap plastic toolbox, some oil, and you're all set.

From: Jerry Kedziora, x-ZOT Date: Fri, 25 Oct 2002
Subject: RE: Yanmar Oil Filter

I think DELCO filters work. I use a PF46 or PF47. They have been working fine for my Yanmar for the last three years. Engine makers don't make their own filters Anyway. They buy them from someone else and mark them up.

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