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Soverel 33 - Sailmaker Seminars


The Soverel 33 Class Association exists to provide owners and crew members with information and events, to help soverel sailors everywhere in their need for speed!

Starting in 2003 we instituted a practice of holding seminars hosted by the that Year's National Champion and their Sailmaker.


2005 Robin Ricca, Phoenix, Doyle, & UK-Halsey Sailmakers (15 March 2006)
  comming attractions . . . Phoenix Rising - produced by Todd Aven (MPEG-4 Video File)
2004 Erik Will, BushWacker & Haarstick Sails (29 January 2005)
  Erik Will and Steve Haarstick: small photos and text transcribed from audio.
2003 Paul Jeka, Santana & North Sails (18 February 2004)
      2003 High Speed Connection Best with a high speed internet connection: large photos and audio and text
  Better for modem internet connection: smaller photos and text only
  Download both Un-edited Audio and North Soverel 33 Speed Day Power PointPresentation (large ZIP file)