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For Sale:
Yanmar 1GM10, 8 HP
16 Jan 2002

Here's the deal, Picante's inboard engine (Yanmar GM 10, 8 HP) had an oil leak. We thought it was the oil line from the pump to the filter, but the replacement of that line didn't seem to solve the problem. In order to find were the leak was coming from, we had to pull the engine.

Not knowing how much work needed to be done, or needed parts, a decision was made to replace the engine regardless.

Now we know what the problem is: the front housing seal needs replacing. Other than that, the engine is in top condition, never had a problem with it, plenty of power (6 knots with a 16" Max-prop), just needs that seal replaced. Were asking $2000 OBO.

Trevor Baroni
For Sale or Loan:
Sleeved Soverel 33 Mast
May 2000
We have a Standard Kenyon (MORC Section 4060) mast which was broken and sleeved at the 2nd spreaders. This mast was used the second half of the 1999 racing season quite successfully. It is suitable for racing or cruising and is available to borrow -- at cost of shipping in case of emergencies. Includes spreaders, mast base, and fixed rigging.