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Trailer for Soverel 33

25 October 2005

Would like to buy a used trailer - the new proud owners of Black Pearl (x-Black Watch)

(516) 369-5240
Soverel 33

24 October 2003

I am writing on behalf of the Hoofer Sailing Club in Madison, Wisconsin. We are based at the Memorial Union of the University of Wisconsin-Madison, and have a rich history stemming from 1939. Since 2001, we have been in search of a large keelboat to replace our Santa Cruz 33, Maria, which we lost to a drunk motorboat operator as She sat at her mooring in fog. This loss, and mistakes in trying to replace Her by Club leadership at that time, had an extremely demoralizing effect on sailors in Madison.

Recently we received a Soverel 30 as a donation to our nonprofit, 501(c)(3) Club dedicated to affordable sailing education. This led me to your website as I sought information. If you could, I would like to post on your website our desire to take a donation of a Soverel 33 or comparable vessel, whereby the donor may be able to realize tax benefits after consulting a tax advisor. We will not sell the vessel, but will use Her for another 20 years minimally to teach students of all ages and backgrounds.

Thank you for your assistance as a fellow sailor.

Michael Watson
Great Lakes Class Captain
Hoofer Sailing Club
Madison, WI
Soverel 33

21 August 2001
I am interested in sailing on and possibly purchasing a Soverel 33. I have been looking at J29s, J92s and Tripp 33s in Kentucky, Ohio, Michigan and Annapolis and have yet to find my dream boat (or at least one in as good of shape as my 1984 Express 27 for which I have two buyers lined up and only waiting for me to buy another boat). Bill Becker
Soverel 33

21 June 2001
Hi. I am sending out this general e-mail for anyone who may be interested.
I am in the process of completing a masters in Marine Ecosystems and all that is left is fieldwork. Originally I grew up in the Caribbean racing a Soverel 46 . . . So racing is in my blood. I need a boat in order to finish my field work for my thesis, so instead of just getting any sailboat my first preference is to try and get a Soverel. I know that racing is an expensive sport but like all sports you can cut corners and still have some enjoyment from it.
So I am looking to acquire a Soverel. I have a Range Rover and some other stuff that I can trade plus some cash . . . Hopefully someone may be interested in my offer . . . If not --- nothing tried --- nothing gained . . . I thank you in advance for taking time to read my response. Sincerely, Courtney
Courtney Pegus
Soverel 33 IB
1 June 2001
I'm looking for a Soverel 33 with Inboard on the West Coast -
It will be used for coastal and blue water short handed (2 people) racing, with a good amount of San Francisco Bay cruising with the wife and friends. I sail an International 14 skiff round-the-buoys so I don't need a buoy racer.
In order of importance: 
Great basic conditions:  (hull, rig, engine)- good bottom, well maintained, deck hardware, etc.,
Sails:  - good cruising sails - I will probably purchase the racing sails new,
running rigging:  - upgraded to rope where possible is a nice to have
interior:  - clean would be nice.
Other nice to haves:  basic electronics, VHF, autopilot
I'd be willing to take a test sail on a fleet members boat here in SF - and then fly out to see a remote boat from the 4-sale list.
Greg Mitchell