For New Users of The World Wide Web

Welcome to the World Wide Web (WWW) portion of the Internet, and the Soverel 33 class site on the WWW. The Internet - the information super highway - is a network of networks, that allows millions of people all over the globe, to interact with other people and with computers all over the globe. To get here, you used some software on a computer. This software is called a Web Browser.

Your Web Browser probably has the capability of providing Help information if you need it. Check and see if you can find the word Help on the upper right of your screen. If you become lost or confused, you should be able to click on the Help word. That will give you a pull down menu of items to choose from. You can select one with your mouse, and read what it tells you.

We are not going to duplicate the information you could get from your web browsers Help function in this article. Rather, we will give you a couple of hints, and let you get started. You will probably learn fastest by browsing the web, rather than trying to read lots of text explaining how to do it.

So, here are some very quick basics.

If you see some highlighted text, usually a different color from the rest of the text (often blue) and underlined, like this you can click on it with the left mouse button to follow that link. You will leave the article (document) you are reading, and go directly to a different location - it could be anywhere on the World Wide Web. If you want to come back once you are there, simply click on the Back button or left arrow at the top of the screen. Not only text, but Images can be highlighted this way. If you see an image with a colored border - usually blue - around it, you can click on it as well. Often the highlight will be a different color next time you see it, indicating that you have already followed that link.

If you find an interesting place on the WWW, you can Bookmark it, by clicking on the Bookmark button at the top of the screen. When you want to come back, simply click on the Bookmark button to get a list of sites that you have bookmarked. Use the mouse to click on the one you want.

Now we are ready to go back to the main page - the home page - for the Soverel 33 Web Site. Once you get back there, you may want to Bookmark it so you can come back.

Just two more thoughts before we do go to the Soverel 33 home page.

No-one is watching you, you can go anywhere, make mistakes, get lost, and no one is going to know, so don't worry about it.

The second is...
the WWW is larger, and growing faster, than most of us can imagine. There are incredible numbers of locations to go to, with all kinds of information. Some of the information is just someone's opinion - it may not be accurate - so be skeptical of some of the things you read or see.

Happy Web Browsing!

Click on this highlighted text with the left mouse button to go to the Soverel 33 home page