Soverel 33 Class Association

The Soverel 33 is a is a fast, light, fun and exciting, performance sailing yacht, raced where ever there is sailing in America. The boat is the forerunner to todayís modern sport boats, with its innovative open stern and high sail area to displacement ratio. Extensive information about the Soverel 33, and contact information for the Soverel 33 Class Association and all Class and Fleet Officers is available at this site, as are links to additional sailing web sites.

"The sailing equivalant of a bored-out Corvette, Mark Soverel's most famous design was a racing circuit demon in the early '80s. It's a gas to sail fast, but can it cruise? Not in style, but it'll do for a quick getaway if you're not picky about the trimmings."

Ed Lawrence,, Vol. 27, No. 17, Sept. 2002

"A good example of an ideal PHRF race boat in your general size and price range would be the Soverel 33. These boats are quite fast in all conditions and with their 10 newer deck layouts are also much easier to race. At over a minute a mile faster, boat for boat the Soverel is a much faster boat but what is really significant is that the Soverel 33's can generally sail to that rating in a wide range of conditions and very quickly shift up and down."

Jeff Halpern,, Jun. 21 2002

"The Soverel 33 to be a blend of all Mark Soverelís previous "go fast" success in an affordable, exciting and demanding design capable of winning handicap races against bigger competition."

Peter d'Anjou, Boat Review, Sailing World, 1999

"The Soverel 33 is a hot machine developed by a U.S. performance boat specialist is tailor made for light airs . . ."
Sven Donaldson, Soverel 33 Boat Review, Pacific Yachting, 1988

" It's my favorite design. Good looks. High performance. No compromise to rules. The rig is as large as the boat can carry. The hull is as light as we can make it strong. The interior is attractive and functional."

Mark Soverel, S-33 Designer

"It's amazing that the Soverel 33 is a ULDB that actually goes upwind on San Francisco Bay with the 40 footers!"

Chris Corlet, S-33 sailor, San Franscisco Vice President, Mariner Square Yachts
Winning skipper 1983 SORC on Scarlett O'Hara

" We are cleaning up on Lake Erie with our S-33. The light-air performance is unbeatable."

Jim Hogan, S-33 sailor, Cleveland
President, Horizon Sails

"Winning the '83 Transat Bermuda Race in Blue Angel was a thill. We took a death roll at 16 knots in big seas, without causualty. After that, I had no qualms out there in that boat."

Steve Van Voast, S-33 Sailor,
North Palm Beach
Vice President, Soverel Marine

"Soverel outfits the standard S-33 like an Admiral's Cupper, with Harken hardware, naturally."

Peter Harken,
Presiden, Harken Yacht Fitting

"We have had more fun sailing the S-33 in Southern California this year. The boat is fast and easy to sail. Best of all, there is no other boat that comes close to our winning record."

Peter Isler, S-33 sailor, Los Angeles
Director, American Sailing Association
World Class Racer

"After navigating Blue Angel in the '83 Transat, we sailed from Bermuda to Block Island through a full Atlantic gale. The boat took the conditions gracefully, even under bare poles. Knowing the open transome will drain fast is a nice safety feature."

Anatole Turecki, S-33 sailor, Jupiter
Former WWII Spitfier Pilot

"The S-33 is a sailmakers dream. Her large, comfortable rig offers power to spare in light airs, and is very manageable in heavy weather. The boat is so fast in the hands of an expert . . . a great one design racer!"

Mark Ploch, S-33 sailor, Clearwater
President Kolius-Ulmer Sails

"Mark Soverel may well have achieved his goal of creating the world's production 33 footer."

Sea Magazine, October 1984