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"The Soverel 33 is a hot machine developed by a U.S. performance boat specialist is tailor made for light airs . . ."

Sven Donaldson, Soverel 33 Boat Review, Pacific Yachting, 1988


"The Soverel 33 to be a blend of all Mark Soverelís previous "go fast" success in an affordable, exciting and demanding design capable of winning handicap races against bigger competition."

Peter d'Anjou, Boat Review, Sailing World, 1999


The Soverel 33 is a is a fast, light, fun and exciting, performance sailing yacht, raced where ever there is sailing in America. The boat is the forerunner to todayís modern sport boats, with its innovative open stern and high sail area to displacement ratio. Extensive information about the Soverel 33, and contact information for the Soverel 33 Class Association and all Class and Fleet Officers is available at this site, as are links to additional sailing web sites.


This site is maintained by members of the Soverel 33 Class Association.

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Information on Class and Website Sponsorship

Trident Studio - Quality Yacht Models. Official sponsors of Soverel 33 Class Association. Quality Half models with discounts on the class trophies are available through Trident Studio in Newport.

Contact Trident Studio for details.



Sponsored by Gryphon Racing - Dedicated to promoting the Soverel 33 Class. Contact Team Gryphon Racing for details.


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