COMPOSITE MATERIALS / FABRICATORS - carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, epoxy, etc.

ACC Marine
ACC Marine - Neeson Road, Marina Municipal Airport, Marina, CA 93933
(formerly Advanced Composites Concepts) Carbon Fiber Structures for High-Performance Racers & Cruisers. Designing and manufacturing high-quality components for both racing and cruising sailboats for over 20 years. Dedicated efforts to providing our customers with the best advanced composite components available in the industry.
Tel: 800-848-0350 Fax: 831 883 3373
web page: http://www.accmarine.com

Acme Carbon - 1709 35th Ave. S., Seattle, WA 98144
Advanced Composites Manufacturing and Engineering. 15 years of experience in carbon fiber composites, developed a line of products targeting the sailor who expects the most from themselves, their boat and their equipment.  Professional quality carbon fiber sailing products lead the industry in quality and design.
206-323-7711 Fax: 206-323-6763
web page: http://www.acmecarbon.com/

Advanced Composites
Advanced Composites Group - Metro Center Building, 5350 S 129th E Ave, Tulsa, OK 74134 US
At the center of the composites industry for over 25 years, offering worldwide supply of materials, design and manufacturing expertise. With the marine composite design, stress and research engineer principally in mind, ACG has prepared and collated an extensive database of mechanical properties.  This database characterizes a wide range of resin and fibre combinations, which frequently find application in the marine industry.  The data is comprehensive and is ultimately prepared for finite element analysis and can be extended to new fibre/resin/test combinations as required.  This information is available on request through ACG technical support staff.
001 (918) 252-3922 Fax: 001 (918) 252 7371
web page: http://www.advanced-composites.com

Aeropoxy - PTM&W Industries, Inc. - Santa Fe Springs, CA 90670
High performance adhesives and lightweight filler systems are versatile additions to the broad range of epoxy products.
Tel: 800-421-1518
web page: http://pages.sbcglobal.net/ccanedy/aeropoxy_main.html

Aerospace Composite ProductsAerospace Composite Products
Aerospace Composite Products - 357 Stealth Court, Livermore, CA 94551
A Source for Lightweight Materials. A supplier of composite materials since 1985. Offers a large variety of composite materials specifically developed for lightweight applications. Fiberglass, Kevlar® and Carbon materials are available in various forms, in large or small quantities , with no minimum purchase required. A distributor for a custom weaving house, can also supply specialty woven fabrics.
Order Desk: (800)811-2009 Technical Assistance: (925)443-5900 Fax: (925)443-5901
web page: http://www.acp-composites.com/

Aircraft Spruce & Specialty Co.
Aircraft Spruce West - 225 Airport Cir. Carona, CA 92880-2527
Aircraft Spruce East - 900 S. Pine Hill Road, Griffin, GA 30223
Airframe Parts, Composites, Wood, Metals, Wood: 30,000 Products. One Source!
Tel: (877) 4-SPRUCE International: +909-372-9555 Fax: +909-372-0555
web page: http://www.aircraftspruce.com
e-mail (general into): (customer service):

BaltekAlcan BaltekAirex
Alcan Baltek Corporation - 10 Fairway Court, P.O. Box 195, Northvale, NJ 07647
End-Grain Balsa Core, Airex®, Structural Foam Core, Decolite® Panels, GPS, KitKore®, Bulker Mats, Baltek® Bond, Finishmat
Tel: (201) 767-1400 Fax: (201) 387-6631
web page: http://www.baltek.com

Applied Composite
Applied Composite Technologies - 619 Lorimer Street Port Melbourne Victoria 3207
Since 1993 "Applied Composite Technologies" has been a part of the Australian sailing scene, delivering advanced composite components to boat builders across the country.
Australia Tel: +61 3 9645 6040 Fax: +61 3 9645 6050 Mobile: +61 409 012 487
web page: http://composites.com.au

ATC Chemicals Inc. - 830 Harrington Court, Burlington, ON, L7N 3N4
Core-Cell® (Core-Cell Structural Foams), Core-Bed® (Core Bedding Compounds), Poly-Bold® (Bonding Compounds), Polly-Fair® (Fairing & Tooling Compounds)
Tel: (905) 842-2338 Fax: (905) 842-1514
web page: http://www.atc-chem.com

Balsa Sales LTD - Unit 14 Telford Road, Gorse Lane Ind. Estate, Clacton-on-Sea, Essex CO15 4LP, UK
ProBalsa®, End-Grain Balsa Core
Tel: +44 (0)1255 423601 Fax: +44 (0)1255 435426

Carbon Composites Company
Carbon Composites Company - P.O. Box 791777, Paia, HI 96779 USA
Manufacturers and worldwide distributors of carbon, Kevlar, Aramid, Syntex in both fabric and fiber, fiberglass, and other composite supplies.. Carbon Fabric, Kevlar Fabric, Kevlar & Glass, Carbon / Kevlar, etc.
Tel: 808-579-8000 (also for International Inquires/Sales) Toll Free: ( 888-227-2266 Fax: (1) 808-579-8059
web site: http://www.carboncomposites.org/

Composite Marine - Boat Building & Repairs Shop 4, D'Albora Marina, New Beach Rd  Rushcutters Bay, Sydney Australia 
Composite material boat building & repairs
Tel: (02) 9328-7966

Composite Solutions
Composite Solutions Inc. - 41 Sharp St Hingham, MA.02043 USA
An emerging leader specializing in the autoclave-cured production of high quality carbon spars, rudders, wheels, quadrants and custom products.
 ( 781) 335-4650 Fax: (781) 335-4483
web page: http://www.csi-composites.com/
email: (Barry Steinberg)

Composite Supplies Ltd - George Thornley, P.O.Box 142, Tai Tapu, Christchurch, New Zealand.
Polyester Resin , Glass Cloth, Talcum Powder, release agents, silicone rubber etc
Tel: 03 329 6611  Fax: 03 329 6911 Mobile: 021 329 661 

315 Seahawk Dr. Desoto, TX 75115 USA
The world leader in Sandwich Technology -- supplying materials & solutions that make products light strong & competitive. DIAB, Divinycell®, grid scored (GS) ProBalsa® end grain balsa, Core Bedding Adhesives, Klegecell®, Sandwich Panels and TBR - Closed-Cell Structural Foam
Tel: (972) 228-7600 Fax: (972) 228-2667
web page: http://www.diabgroup.com

Eclectic Products - Technical Service, P.O. Box 4450, Pineville, LA 71360
Amazing GOOP® Adhesives and Epoxies, Shoe Goo®. Famowood® wood filler, Painter’s® Nail Hole Filler, Seal All® all-purpose contact
adhesive & sealant, E-6000® industrial adheasives, craft adheasives and craft epoxy, Wood-Tex® synthetic wood

Technical Service: (800) 767-4667 Consumer Relations: (800) 693-4667 Fax: (541) 746-1983
web page: http://eclecticproducts.com
e-mail: ,

Fibre Glast
Fibre Glast Developments Corporation - 95 Mosier Parkway Brookville, Ohio 45309
The world's leading supplier of composite materials for industrial, commercial, and hobbyist applications! We offer fiberglass, KEVLAR™ and graphite from 1 yard to full rolls, and resins in quarts, gallons and 5-gallon pails!
Tel: 800-330-6368 Fax: 937-833-6555
web page: http://www.fiberglast.com

Fiberlay, Inc. - 24 S Idaho Street, Seattle, WA 98134
A distributor of all composite materials, fiberglass, carbon fiber, Kevlar, epoxy, polyester, balsa, foam core, etc. Warehouse also in California
Tel: 800-942-0660, Fax: 888-782-06620662
web page: http://www.fiberlay.com/
e-mail: ,

West SystemGougeonPro-Set
Gougeon Brothers, Inc. - 100 Patterson Ave., P.O. Box 908, Bay City, MI 48707-0908
Epoxy products for building and repair especially suited for marine applications. Manufactures of West System®, EpoxyWorks® and Pro-Set®
Tel: (989)684-7286 Fax: (989)684-1374
web page: http://www.westsystem.com/

Hexcell Composites
Hexcel Composites Carbon Fibers - 6400 West 5400 South, Salt Lake City, Utah 84118 USA
World leader in high performance composite materials.
Tel: +1 800 987 0658
web pages: http://www.Hexcel.com, http://www.HexcelComposites.com, http://www.HexcelSchwebel.com, http://www.HexcelFibers.com, http://www.HexcelScreen.com

Jamestown Distributors
Jamestown Distributors
- 500 Wood Street, Bldg #15, Bristol, RI 02809
Fasteners, Hardware, Epoxies And Adhesives, Caulking, Fiberglass, Abrasives, Tools, Safety, Tapes, Paints, Paint Supplies, Plumbing, Engine Room, Marine Supplies, Electrical, Cleaning, Books
Toll Free: (800) 423-0030 Local: (401) 253-3840 Fax: (401) 254-5829
web page: http://www.jamestowndistributors.com

Jeffco Epoxy Products
- 5252 Kearny Villa Way, San Diego, CA 92123
Epoxy Formulators.
Tel: (858) 576-9900
web page: http://www.jeffcoproducts.com/

John Greer and Assoc.
John Greer and Associates
- 255 G St. #197, San Diego, CA  92101
Manufacturers' Agents Distributors for: AeroMarine 300/11 and AeroMarine 300/41 epoxies, Carbon Fiber Cloth, Cabosil, (aka) Aerosil, Colloidal silica, fumed silica & Milled Fibers.
Tel: (619)238-1919
web page: http://www.jgreer.com/

KoSa - 710 JFK Boulevard, Houston, TX 77032
One of the world's largest polyester producers ESP® Finesse®. . . a competitive, global supplier with a value-driven approach to business; technically advanced polyester resin, fiber and polymer products.
Tel: 281-986-1400
web site: http://www.kosa.com

MAS Epoxies
MAS Epoxies - 2615 River Road #3A - Cinnaminson, NJ 08077
Made by boat builders for boat builders, has been designing and manufacturing epoxy resins systems since 1990. Supplies for: New Construction, Fiberglass & Wood Repair, Laminating, Fairing, Blister Repair & Barrier Coating, Bonding, and Vacuum Bagging
Tel: 1-888-MAS-EPOXY Fax: 1-856-303-2889
web page: http://www.masepoxies.com/

Northern Fiber Glass Sales
Northern Fiber Glass Sales, Inc - 102 Tide Mill Rd, PO Box 2010, Hampton, NH 03843
Offers technical sales assistance and service for the following leading manufacturers: Richmond Aircraft Products, Precision Fabrics Group, Röhm America, Scion Industries, Newport Adhesives and Composites, Huntsman Advanced Materials Americas (formerly Vantico), BGF Industries, Henkel- Frekote®, Multi-Axial and Advanced Ceramics Research.
Tel: (603)926-1910 Fax: (603)926-0598
web page: http://www.nfgsales.com

Phil's Foils
Phil's Foils & Composites - 15 Selwyn Crescent, Kanata, Ontario, Canada K2K 1N9
Working in epoxy resin and fiberglass, Kevlar (TM) , and carbon fiber fabrics over wood or foam cores shaped on a 3 axis CNC milling machine.  Contact for prototype development or other one-off  projects suitable for this technology (including duplication of simple 3D objects).
Tel: (Canada) 613-794-PHIL   (794-7445)
web page: http://www.philsfoils.com/

Poly Fier
Poly Fiber - BOX 3129, Riverside, CA 92519
Aircraft Coatings.
Tel: 800-363-3490 Fax: 909-684-0518
web page: http://www.polyfiber.com

SP Systems
SP Systems- St Cross Business Park, Newport, Isle of Wight PO30 5WU
Development and application of composite engineering materials, formulated epoxies and reinforcement materials to cores, vacuum consumables and low temperature curing prepegs.
Tel: +44 (0)1983 828000 Fax: +44 (0)1983 828100
web page: http://www.spsystems.com

System Three Resins
System Three Resins, Inc. - 3500 West Valley North, Suite 105, Auburn, WA 98001
Working with boat builders since 1978 to create products & literature specifically for epoxy boat construction and fiberglass repair. Manufactures of: System Three Resin, Phase Two, SB-112, Clear Coat, Quick Cure, T-88, PG-101, WR-155 Primer, WR-LPU Topcoat, Spar Urethane Varnish, RotFix, SculpWood, and QuikFair
Tel: (800)333.5514
web page: http://www.systemthree.com/

Thai Epoxy and Allied Products Company LTD. - Post Box no. 39, MaptaPhut, Rayong, Thailand, 2115
Offers a wide range of epoxy resins, curing agents and modifiers with variable functionality. Products include liquid, solid, solutions, blends and other multifunctional epoxy resins and epoxy systems. Products manufactured to exacting specifications and are used for diverse applications in Adhesives, Civil and constructions, Paints and Coatings, Composites, Casting and Encapsulation of Electrical components etc.
Tel: +66 (02) 235-3031-3 or (662) 2535031-33   Fax: +66 (02) 235-3030 or (662)2535030 / 2543607 
web site: http://www.thaiepoxy.com

Wessex Resins and Adheasives
Wessex Resins and Adhesives
- Cupernham House,Cupernham Lane, Romsey, Hampshire, SO51 7LF
Manufactures WEST SYSTEM  products and PRO-SET laminating epoxy for Africa, Europe and the Middle East under license for Gougeon Brothers Inc. ALso manufactures all kinds of epoxies and adhesives for thousands of applications. .
Tel: +44 (0)1794 521111 Fax: +44 (0)1794 521271
web page: http://www.wessex-resins.com

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