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CHARTS - Paper and Electronic Charts, ECS (Electronic Charting Systems), Navigation Software

COMPOSITE MATERIALS / FABRICATORS - carbon fiber, kevlar, fiberglass, etc.

ELECTRONICS - electrical manufacturers, load cells, radar, electrical repair shops, etc.

ENGINE - Yanmar, Saildrive, and parts info - Electric Outboards

FITTINGS - blocks, shackles, winches, headfoils, cleats, sheet stoppers, etc.

INSTRUMENTS - sailing instruments, GPS, LORAN, compasses, VHF, Charts, etc.

KEEL PRODUCTION - Keel forging and machining.

PROPELLER - folding and feathering propeller sources

RIGGERS - rigging shops and riggers.

RUDDER BEARINGS - rudder bearing sources

RUDDER FABRICATION & REPAIR - sources of foil and fiberglass mold shops

SAILS - sailmakers and canvas fabrication, covers and repair.

SPAR FABRICATORS - mast, boom and pole fabricators and repair shops

TITANIUM FABRICATORS - Titanium cast, forge, weld, etc.

YACHT CLUB & CLASS ASSOCIATION LINKS - links to Yacht Clubs and Class Associations

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