Soverel 33 Boat Registration

Welcome to the Soverel 33 Class Association. Note, due to various owners and boat names, we try to track all the boats by hull number, which is commonly referred to as the HIN or Hull Identification Number. Please if possible verify that the number that we have listed is correct.


Soverel 33 Class Association
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We would like you to Register with us and keep you and your Soverel 33 part of the Community.

Step 1: Please print and fill out a Registration Form by mail – fee: FREE

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This is a great way for you and your crew to meet up with other Soverel 33 owners and sailors, ask questions and share your sailing experience with others.



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The Soverel 33 Class Association pays the fees for the the Website, Advertising in Sailing World, pays for trophies for National and Fleet Regattas, and helps defray costs for visiting participants to the National Regatta.
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Photos: Feel free to attach some photos of your boat to the e-mail, we will gladly post them in our photo gallery.
We hope you enjoy your boat and your experience with the rest of the Soverel 33 community.



Hull ID Number

You can find the HIN, Hull Identification Number, near the stern, starboard side.  The first 3 digits are the builder followed by length, followed by hull number, then a build date. As an example SVM330310684 would be a Soverel Marine (Florida) built boat [SVM], 33 feet long [33], hull number 31 [031], with a build date of June 1984 [0684]. 

Tartan [TAR], Republic [RPZ] and Pacific Boat Works (Olson) [PCX] were the other builders. 

See Decoding Hull Numbers for a graphical breakdown of the Hull Identification Number.